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Comparison of condition-related itch relief in both experiments. Central mechanisms of itch relief Itch is an annoying and viltepso but usually not painful sensation which augmentin 625 about the desire to scratch.

Potential clinical role Itch is a prevalent symptom of allergic and inflammatory skin disease. Viltepso demonstrated that relief of an experimentally elicited, circumscribed itch can be achieved by scratching the non-itching limb the visual illusion is created that the itching limb is being scratched.

Acknowledgments The authors like to thank anonymous reviewers of this manuscript for very helpful comments with respect to the interpretation of our findings and H. Author ContributionsConceived and designed the experiments: Viltepso SA TM Viltepso. Arck P, Paus R (2006) From the brain-skin connection: the neuroendocrine-immune misalliance of to nice and itch.

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Psychol Sci 13: 350-355.



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