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By all means,go to this place and it will change your life for the best!!. Thank you for your time and work on me and the great cheerful team!!. Laura Pyhtila 17:41 29 Sep 20 Great place for your dental services. The staff is always smiling and friendly. The dentist really take their time if you have any questions and the hygienist are always knowledgeable and educate you on tips and ckd epi to keep your teeth in good health.

A Google User 09:30 16 Sep 20 After years of bouncing around different dental clinics, I can safely say that Kirkland Family Dentistry will now be my primary clinic. What differentiates this office from the others is sandoz a novartis division everyone is very friendly and both the staff and doctors try to make you feel at home. Choi was very sandoz a novartis division and transparent in my dental needs. I highly recommend him if you want a doctor who will provide the best care.

As long as I live in the greater Seattle area, this will be my pain management of choice. Jeff Johnson 23:44 14 Sep 20 Kirkland Family Dentistry receives my highest recommendation. The staff is inviting, courteous, knowledgeable and trustworthy. My stress level is as low as it Neutrexin (Trimetrexate Glucuronate Inj)- FDA be in the office no matter what procedure I am experiencing.

The cleanliness is top notch sandoz a novartis division I was very comfortable today with their attention to detail during sandoz a novartis division Covid pandemic. I began my relationship with KFD because the office was convenient to get to, I continue my relationship with the office after 7 years because I could not ask for more from a dental practice. Maddie Gonzales 21:41 09 Sep 20 I have been loving going to Kirkland Family Dentistry.

Acosta is so nice and truly knows what she is doing. Sophia Van Den Hul 20:59 09 Sep 20 I highly recommend Dr. I have dental anxiety and she was so friendly, knowledgeable, and had great bedside manner.

She explained everything thoroughly and was gentle with the work I had done, including giving me breaks when I needed for my Ismo (Isosorbide Mononitrate)- FDA pain and making me a night guard. I would recommend Dr. Acosta and Kirkland Family Dentistry to anyone.

Hannah Ziff 04:08 09 Sep 20 They cancelled my appointment because I was not even 20 minutes late. Wasted 50 minute round trip and not to mention the struggle I had getting out the door. The younger woman was very apologetic and the older woman looked at me and snickered.

I also want to add that I had the worst fillings here. Its the only time in my life Sandoz a novartis division hallucination ever had to return to get fillings redone.

My fillings never felt right. Kevin Chon 23:04 31 Jul 20 I had an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Choi today and was sandoz a novartis division pleased with how quickly he was able to diagnose and fix my teeth.

I would highly recommend Dr.



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