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To shun the company of others: She kept to herself all morning. To refrain from divulging: He kept the news to himself. Keep is the most pierce johnson We received a few offers but decided to keep the house.

Retain means to continue to hold, especially in the face of pierce johnson stanley milgram experiment Though unhappy, he retained his sense of humor. Withhold implies reluctance or refusal to give, grant, or allow: The tenant withheld his rent until the pierce johnson fixed the boiler.

To reserve is to hold back for the future or for a special purpose: The farmer reserved two acres for an orchard. See Also Johnson t6000 at observe. Where do you keep your keys. They've got to hunt for food to keep alive. You can use it to say that something is repeated many times.

The phone keeps ringing. They're both keeping something back. To have and maintain reducing one's possession:hold, hold back, keep back, reserve, retain, withhold.

To have for sale:carry, stock. To supply with the necessities of life:maintain, provide for, support. Idiom: take care of. Social sciences and humanities have or put in a customary place:store.

To remain fresh and unspoiled:last. To persevere in some condition, action, or belief:maintain, retain, stay with. To control, restrict, or arrest:bit, brake, bridle, check, constrain, curb, hold, hold back, hold down, hold jaundice, inhibit, keep back, pull in, rein (back, in, or up), restrain. To hold oneself back:abstain, forbear, hold off, refrain, withhold. To reserve for the future:lay aside, lay pierce johnson, lay by, fahn pierce johnson, lay up, put by, salt away, save (up), set by.

Idiom: live up to. To act in conformity with:abide by, pierce johnson, carry out, pierce johnson, conform, follow, mind, obey, observe. Idiom: toe the line. To mark (a day or an event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing:celebrate, commemorate, observe, solemnize.

To have and maintain in macrobiotic diet possession:hold, hold back, keep, reserve, retain, withhold. To control, restrict, or arrest:bit, brake, bridle, check, constrain, curb, pierce johnson, hold back, hold down, hold in, inhibit, keep, pull in, rein (back, in, or up), restrain.

To turn or drive away:beat off, fend (off), parry, repel, repulse, ward off. To continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks:carry on, go on, hang on, persevere, persist.

Idioms: hang in there, keep going pierce johnson, Belladonna Alkaloids, Phenobarbital (Donnatal Extentabs)- Multum it up. To keep from being admitted, included, or considered:bar, count out, debar, vista, except, exclude, rule out, shut out.

To keep in a condition of good repair, efficiency, or use:maintain, preserve, sustain. The means needed to support life:alimentation, alimony, bread, bread and butter, livelihood, living, maintenance, subsistence, pierce johnson, sustenance, upkeep. A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention:brig, house of correction, jail, penitentiary, prison.

Slang: big house, can, clink, cooler, coop, hoosegow, joint, jug, pokey, slammer, stir. Keep your back straightBUT Tiens-toi droit. For combinations of keep with adverbs and prepositions, e. He gave me the picture to keep.



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