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FAQ For more information, visit the official Site Kit website. Is Site Kit free. What are the minimum requirements for Site Kit. In order to successfully install and use Site Kit, your site must meet the following requirements: WordPress version 4. Is Site Kit GDPR compliant.

Where can I get additional support. Reviews cweiser September 14, 2021When creating user accounts for our clients, we almost never provide an admin account out of security concern. Site Kit has a cool dashboard that our client will never see because of this policy. However, it does a great job of connecting all the Google things.

I opened a support ticket on the WordPress plugin repo and got a very helpful reply very quickly. The Google Support Team did a great job. I was very impressed. I had marc johnson deactivate plugin and sites marc johnson go to go again.

Definitely an issue somewhere that needs to be attended to. Marc johnson the Idea Hub notification text. Update WP dashboard Idea Hub CTA design and marc johnson. Update descriptions for Idea Hub module and widget. Add tooltips for action buttons in the Idea Hub dashboard widget. Improve pagination behaviour in Idea Hub. Scaffold Subscribe with Google module. Update AdSense tag code to improve Ad extract. Improve AdSense graphs on mobile screens.

Update GA measurement opt-out mechanism for logged-in users to be property-specific. Improve UX to close tooltips within charts. Add surrounding comments to all HTML marc johnson output by Site Kit modules. Add link to Settings page in plugin action links on plugins page. Fixed Fix counts on Idea Hub widget tab labels to only show up if greater than zero. Always load Google fonts using purely CSS rather than relying on a JavaScript snippet. Fix Dashboard Search Widget zero state bug.

Fix Admin Marc johnson Analytics link when using Twenty Twenty-One theme. Ensure the icon buttons in the Idea Hub widget do not overlap idea labels. Fix a potential error due to report data associated with an invalid URL. Update the AdSense setup Marc johnson in the activation success banner to be disabled when an ad-blocker is detected.

Update Analytics goals widget CTA link to open in a new window. Update styles of the topic idea element marc johnson have a light-blue background. Update position of action buttons for ideas in Idea Hub dashboard marc johnson in mobile. Update CTA language for WP post list notifications. Update the number of ideas shown per page on the Idea Hub dashboard widget.

Update language in Idea Hub feature tour to use en-US locale for consistency.



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