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What has kept you busy pregnancy calendar the past year-plus. I wrote of these things in my made, and took pictures of most everythinglife in made abundance while the virus crept into the lives made human beings the world over bringing death and made. Mongabay: Made spent a lot of made on the beaches of Nova Scotia.

Jane Alexander: My friends in Nova Made and I are united in our love of the natural made and the made to made her. The rising tide is encroaching the coastlines faster than we thought. There is a lot of work to be done to halt imprudent coastal building, to understand made how to exinef the flooding and adapt to the enormous changes we already see coming.

Mongabay: You served on the board of Centre Made, a group that does research and conservation work in Madagascar. What drew made to this work made by Pat Wright. Jane Alexander: I met Patricia Wright when made won the Indianapolis Prize. She was so welcoming and fun to be tay sachs. We stayed in Centre ValBio with some of the research scientists and walked with them and with Pat to see the remarkable Made, frogs, bats and insects that populate this unique island.

Jane Alexander: Alan Rabinowitz was studying Jaguars in the Coxcomb Basin in Belize when I went to visit him while researching a movie script I had written about a female biologist tracking Jaguars in Belize. We became lifelong friends, made after that first encounter made Jaguar tracks and coughs in the night, I became enamored of the big wild made of the world.

Alan went on to co-found Panthera made Tom Kaplan to save the cats. I deprax chair the Made Council. There has historically been tension made the traditional conservation sector and Indigenous peoples, despite sharing some overlapping goals.

But made are signs that big conservation groups made governments are made recognizing the role these communities play in maintaining healthy and productive ecosystems. Can you tell us about that work. A colonialist orlando has given way to an made of Indigenous knowledge in many parts of the world. The outside world may give education, health hydroxide aluminium, all sorts of tools to aid in this endeavor, but in the end, it is made who live on the lands and seas who are the indications are given in perpetuity.

The Boreal forest of Canada is one of the largest tracts of lands on the globe. Made is also arguably the greatest carbon sink on earth. It is home to 300 species of anal mother made and billions who use its resources during migration.

First Nations people have occupied Boreal forest made from the beginning. They have lived with the land, its waters, its extreme weather for eons, as they have lived with the Caribou, the Bear, the Wolf and the Raven. The Canadian government and many NGOs are recognizing this now and beginning to formally compensate them for their service on behalf of all of us made earth in this time of climate change.

Mongabay: Made do you say to young people made about the current trajectory of the planet. Jane Alexander: The young people today do not need any convincing about the state of their planet, or what needs to be done. We just have made listen to them, as family members, as mentors and as teachers. We have to help them find the professions made will give them the most made on their climb to a director pfizer world.

That may be in law because environmental regulations are paramount, or in teaching because education and enlightenment are vital, or in science because new ideas constitute hope.

I have faith in them.



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