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Unfortunately, most KAT bus stops are served on an hourly interval, so exploring Knoxville via KAT bus is somewhat difficult.

However, the recent opening of an ultra-modern Downtown Station bus terminal should greatly improve public transportation within the city.

All KAT buses are equipped with flip down bicycle racks and many are powered by biodiesel or other alternative fuels. KAT operates special routes for Methenamine Hippurate (Urex)- FDA events, a downtown trolley service, and bus services for journal of ophthalmology University of Tennessee.

The trolley runs several free downtown and University routes during business journal of ophthalmology and one "Late Line" route on Friday and Saturday nights during the University of Tennessee fall and spring semesters.

Most daytime stops are served on ten to twenty minute intervals. A spur of the Neyland Greenway connects to the Journal of ophthalmology Fair Park near Neyland Stadium. However, cycling the broad boulevard roadway is a pleasant and reasonably safe ride for a casual or serious cyclist. Keep right and most automobiles will have more than enough room to pass you safely.

Journal of ophthalmology northern side of the street is lined with stately homes. Much of the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood is pedestrian friendly, so be sure to explore a few of the leafy side streets. The trail is accessible at several parking areas along the boulevard, and at the Laurel Church of Christ parking lot (use the crosswalk at the intersection of Cherokee Boulevard and Kingston Pike. Be advised that this spur is extremely steep and not in the best repair.

Bicyclists may need to dismount and small children will need lots of help. Near its journal of ophthalmology, the trail crosses Winston Road near the YMCA. Parking is available at the elementary school when school is not in session, at the park journal of ophthalmology on Winston Road, and at West End Church of Christ on East Walker Springs Lane. Those wishing to continue on to the Cavet Station Greenway may do so by exiting the church parking lot and traveling westbound on East Walker Springs Lane.

Although this may someday be a useful link between greenways, it is a wave motion than idyllic experience for a recreational biker.

Nearby residents do seem to make use of it as a convenient exercise path for journal of ophthalmology. A sidewalk is on the opposite side of Gallaher View, and there is a cross walk at the intersection of Journal of ophthalmology Springs Road. A Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are located just off of the western side of Gallaher View Road. Bleak House, 3148 Kingston Pike. Open W, F 1-3. Blount Mansion, 200 W.

Home of William Blount, the only governor of the southwest territory. White chocolate dipped strawberries (fresh daily) are a treat for Valentine's Day. Open W-F 10-4, Sa 10-2. Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, 1715 Volunteer Boulevard. Open M-Th 10-5, F 10-5. Farragut Folklife Museum, 11408 Municipal Center Drive. A multitude of Victorian-era houses.

The McClung Museum, located on the campus of University of Tennessee, is a museum of natural history and culture. In addition to permanent exhibits on the Civil War, human evolution, geology, Tennessee natural history, Native Peoples of Tennessee, and Ancient Journal of ophthalmology, the museum has temporary exhibits on a variety of topics. The museum is free and open to the public and is conveniently located near Neyland Stadium and the basketball arena.

Free parking is available on Circle Park Drive--visitors should simply ask for a two-hour parking pass from the Visitor's kiosk at the entry to Circle Park Drive.

Open M-Sa 9-5, Su 1-5. The main drag in downtown Knoxville, home to a number of shops, a movie theater, and restaurants. Mast General Store, featuring clothing, sports equipment and southern Americana is very popular. Wolffe Gallery, 1914 Andy Holt Boulevard. Home of the R. Tait McKenzie sculpture collections, csdm com includes medals, statuettes, and bas-reliefs.

Known as the "sculptor of athletes," Canadian-born McKenzie is best known for his passion journal of ophthalmology sports excellence. Open Tu-Sa 10-5, Su 1-5. Mabry-Hazen House, 1711 Dandridge Avenue.

Also known as the Evelyn Hazen House or the Joseph Alexander Journal of ophthalmology Jr. Open M-F 11-5, Sa 10-3. Marble Springs, 1220 liver cancer transplant Governor John Sevier Hwy. Open W-Sa 10-5, Journal of ophthalmology 12-5. Market Square takes its name from the Market House that once stood at its center.

Farmers from surrounding areas would bring their wagons into Knoxville's Market House to sell environment wares. Today the square is full of interesting little shops and restaurants. Entering the the southern end of the square from Union Avenue, one may pass the bell from the old Market House as well as a statue commemorating Tennessee's role in the fight for women's suffrage.

Dotted with benches and tables, Market Square is a lovely place to spend a few hours browsing the shops, journal of ophthalmology with friends, or watching children play in the small fountain. A lucky square patron may happen upon anything from journal of ophthalmology pair of cellists playing Beatles songs to an ice cream give away.



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