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British study programmes are known for great flexibility. Students may also select career centred study programmes. Intensive academic programmes are also available for students who want fewer years of study.

Some graduate degree programs are less than a year long. The United Kingdom has over 50 student cities, so you have a very large array of study options to choose from. Glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a the big UK cities, you can enjoy a vibrant and rich social life, where you can visit museums, attend music concerts and plenty of other glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a events, including fashion shows.

For most universities, you can send your application anytime throughout the year, but some degree courses have their own deadlines. Always check the application deadline. There are over 30,000 English-taught programmes in the UK, for both undergraduate and graduate level. Universities in the United Kingdom will want to see proof that you have glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a English-language skills, so that you can easily succeed in their courses.

All British universities accept these official English exams:While preparing to study in the United Glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a, an important step is determining what type of budget you'll need for your studies.

This budget includes tuition fees, accommodation, travelling, and other living expenses. Let's have a closer look. Living costs in the UKFor students in the UK, the costs of living vary according to each region, with Northern Ireland being the cheapest, followed by Wales and England (except London which is the most expensive city in glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a UK).

Scotland and London city are the most expensive in terms of living costs. Average tuition fees for Masters in the United Kingdom range from 5,000 to glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a GBP per u 289. However, for some specialised degrees, such as Medicine, Law or Business, you should expect higher tuition fees (over 20,000 GBP per year).

As always, private universities are more expensive than public institutions. Learn more about tuition fees in the UK after Brexit. Student accommodation ranges from 500 to 1,200 GBP per month, or even higher if you choose to live in a big city like London.

All foreign students have free access to healthcare services provided by NHS (National Health Service), including for surgeries. However, you may need to pay for dental and optical treatment as well as medicine prescribed by the doctor. This might change after Brexit, so keep an eye on the latest information. Students who plan glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a live and study in the UK less than 6 months will need to arrange a private medical insurance.

Eating out, particularly in restaurants from big UK cities is usually quite expensive. You can get cheaper meals in canteens and restaurants from residence halls or pubs, where you would pay between 5 and 12 GBP.

Buying food from the supermarket is always an option. The United Kingdom is probably one of the most cosmopolitan countries in Europe, joining people from all over the world in one truly multicultural society. More than 400,000 international students visit the UK every year. British universities and colleges provide a broad range of internationally-recognised study programmes, preparing students for future careers in major international companies.

The Glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a Kingdom is also home to some of the best research facilities in the world. The UK is home to 28 cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, several museums and art galleries constantly present world-famous exhibitions. Check out the most visited attractions in the UK. If you've decided to study a Master's degree at a university in United Kingdom, you will have to gather the right documents to prove that you fit the university requirements.



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