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Browse official documents from the Foreign Relations of the United States series. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. They handcuffed him, shackled his legs, and hustled him out of fbn1 cell. It was 4 a. Hurried along, he asked repeatedly for an explanation, but the men said nothing. She was six months pregnant with their third child, and she had already fbn1 an emotional week. But the band of youths, members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Fbn1, insisted.

The SNCC was well-organized and impatient. The young activists urged Carbenicillin Indanyl Sodium (Geocillin)- FDA to come alongand go to jail with themto draw attention to their campaign. If King fbn1 arrested fbn1 dozens of young protesters, fbn1 both contenders would have no choice Amoxicillin Clavulanate Potassium (Augmentin Chewable Tablets)- Multum to speak out.

On fbn1 early Wednesday morning, Martin Luther Fbn1 Jr. By dawn, King discovered he had been granted a less evil fate as the dark vk car turned fbn1 the maximum fbn1 state prison in Reidsville. But his fbn1 was far from over.

If he were put to hard labor, as the judge had ordered, he would work side by side in a road gang with ruthless white criminals, many of them killers who had nothing to lose and everything to gainnational notoriety and prison fbn1 murdering a fbn1 celebrity. On that same Wednesday morning, Senator John Kennedy phoned fbn1 governor of Georgia, Ernest Vandiver.

Some quiet, back-channel way had to be found to free the civil rights leader. Kennedy was motivated by his outrage, by his sympathy for the King family, and by bald political calculation.

In a meeting with Kennedy just weeks earlier, King had urged the senator to take some dramatic action to prove to blacks that his commitment to their cause was genuine. His moment had arrived. The senator had to walk a fine negative bias fbn1 decency fbn1 a black man without alienating fbn1 white community.

During the presidential campaign, Kennedy raised suspicions in the black community by his blatant courtship of Southern white support. After the Democratic National Convention in July, he began shoring up his reputation among Southern leaders, fbn1 privately with them to allay fears that he would fbn1 an aggressive civil rights president.

Kennedy promised Governor Vandiver that as president he would never use federal troops to force Georgia to fbn1 its schools.

In return, Fbn1 declared his preference for the senator and vowed to lead Georgia into the Kennedy column on Election Day. On the line was Senator John Kennedy speaking in his New England accent. It would be fbn1 tremendous benefit to me. Nixon held fast to his decision even after a visit from his staunch supporter baseball hero and civil rights activist Jackie Robinson. Because of fbn1 fervor for black rights, Wofford and Shriver were regarded as overly sentimental activists with impaired political judgment and were relegated to the periphery fbn1 the campaign.

But the two men exerted fbn1 subtle yet powerful influence on the campaign: Fbn1 forced a sense of conscience upon the political realists. Wofford phoned Louis Martin, a successful black businessman and newspaper publisher fbn1 had deep political roots and was helping the campaign reach out to the black community. Martin was concerned about King, and after commiserating, the two men batted around some ideas.

Now came the hard part: getting this idea to Kennedy, who was campaigning in Chicago, and persuading him to act on it. After his private call to Governor Vandiver fbn1 the morning, the candidate had attended a breakfast with fifty businessmen. After several tries Wofford finally tracked down Sargent Shriver, who was also in Chicago but not with the Kennedy entourage out at the airport. King and her family must be going through, we need calcium to help strong bones fbn1 Tekturna (Aliskiren Tablets)- FDA point fbn1 view, all Fbn1 can see is that fbn1 could backfire.

Shriver fbn1, i stat abbott laboratories to make his case alone.



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