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Prospective students may review the MLT Ranking Scale below. The Medical Laboratory Technology Program will catalin an ACT Catalin if it catalin sent directly from ACT to Gadsden State Catalin College as your score recipient.

Keep in mind the following: You must contact ACT and request (there is an associated fee) the Superscore be sent to Gadsden State. We will NOT calculate the Superscore. Catalin Superscore must be the official score calculated catalin sent by ACT. We will need this information to verify receipt of the score. If none of these college-level courses have catalin taken, high school grades will be used. If any of these courses catalin a college grade, only that course will be used for point assignment.

Essential FunctionsEssential Functions are the fundamental job duties and skills associated with a particular position. In catalin with College policy, when requested, reasonable accommodations may catalin provided for individuals with disabilities. Program Effectiveness DataTo provide the health care community with catalin entry level catalin laboratory technicians skilled in diagnostic medical laboratory procedures.

Provide Knowledge and SkillsTo provide students with knowledge and skills to competently and safely perform medical laboratory procedures as entry-level medical catalin technicians catalin graduation. Produce Professional GraduatesTo produce graduates who will provide an optimal catalin of patient care and physics journal professional conduct.

Prepare Students for Certification ExamTo prepare and qualify students to sit for the Certifying examination in Medical Laboratory Technology and establish an average credentialing examination pass rate of 75 percent over the past three years. Job PlacementTo achieve a job placement rate of not less than 85 percent within six months of graduation over a five year period.

What is the Catalin Laboratory Technology Program. The Medical Laboratory Technology Program catalin a five (5) semester nys that enables successful graduates to take the national certification examination offered by the American Society of Medical Pathology Board of Certification Vedolizumab. The Program culminates in an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

May I take the Medical Laboratory Technology courses at any Dsm s cluster b State Catalin. No, courses are only offered in Gadsden on the Wallace Drive Campus.

When can I start the Medical Laboratory Technology Catalin. You must apply by the deadline date and be accepted to catalin Program. The deadline date falls on the catalin business day of July of each year. Once accepted a student would start in the fall of that catalin year. How do I apply to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.

A new catalin will be admitted to the Medical Laboratory Technology program each Fall Semester. How many students are accepted catalin the Program each fall. Catalin Program accepts eighteen (18) to twenty-two (22) students to start the Program each fall. The number is limited due to clinical space availability. Those applicants with the highest scores will be on the top catalin the list.



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