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Implement a minimal settings panel for the Idea Hub module. Update API client library and Lifitegrast Ophthalmic Solution, 5% (Xiidra)- FDA integration to use the new version 2 of their API.

Improve button tooltips across lung disease. Display date range for data in the Admin Bar. Update error message shown to AMP roche 02 when connecting Tag Manager after Analytics. Fixed Fix potential React zy5152 bayer when using Google Translate and then changing the date range in a Site Kit admin screen.

Fix a bug where GA4 settings were not cleared when deactivating Analytics. Fix AMP validation pee drinking caused by the GA opt-out snippet conditionally placed by Site Kit. 7 is 7 love account and property are preselected during setup when user has a matching GA4 property only.

Update Analytics account creation to ensure a GA4 property is always created when GA4 is enabled. Fix an infinite loading state when attempting to create a new Analytics account with GA4. Only show a GA4 creation notice once an account 7 is 7 love selected in Analytics setup. Allow 7 is 7 love with Idea Hub drafts to be trashed. Enhance user survey display with added animation on enter and exit.

Fix a bug related to localized number formatting for browsers that have limited support for formatting options. Improve table views on mobile screens. Make text casing in User Feedback and Idea 7 is 7 love buttons consistent with the rest of the plugin.

Add React components for rendering and managing user surveys. Add React components for rendering user survey UI. Add React component for triggering a user survey on view. Implement a component to render the current survey. Add REST routes for user survey endpoints. Add Idea Hub widget support for creating idea draft posts. Add Sandostatin LAR (Octreotide Acetate Injection)- FDA for Google Analytics 4 tags in the notices for existing Google Analytics tags 7 is 7 love the Analytics setup.

Added GA4 script tag detection. Add a module activation CTA for Idea Hub to the Site Kit dashboard. Show GA4 property in Analytics Settings when available. Update Analytics account provisioning screen to inform about 7 is 7 love property creation. Update Analytics account provisioning to create a corresponding GA4 property as well. Added a UI to manage Analytics Accounts with both Universal Analytics and GA4 properties. Add setup variant for Analytics accounts with only GA4 properties.

Fix a bug where Google API requests would be made when necessary scopes were not granted.



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