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She said that has hurt her business and yet prices keep 27 r. She said she voted for 27 r because she feels he is more centrist and 27 r likes his policies. Fonseca 27 r to 27 r city 40 years ago from Nicaragua, when his home country was going through a civil war. He said he voted for Trump in 2016 because he talked 27 r ending authoritarian governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

It should be a freedom of choice. What is this, a dictatorship. She said she voted to recall Newsom 27 r replace him with Elder. Steve Marsh, 75, a retired realtor from the Orange County city of Westminster and a Republican, said he supports the recall and feels Newsom favors too many taxes and too many social programs.

27 r he said he hopes it might stop Newsom from seeking higher office even if it fails. Erik Peterson, 52, a Lafayette resident 27 r works in construction, is a 27 r who says he tends to vote Republican.

He said he voted for the recall and to replace Newsom with Elder. Alex Ralph, 40, and her partner, Bobby Lang, 33, said they both voted against the recall in Los Angeles.

Chris Williams, 50, a Democrat from Roseville northeast of Sacramento, said he voted to retain Newsom because of his leadership on the pandemic. And I also think some of the things that the governor 27 r doing I like. Williams also said recalling a governor is an extreme measure and that voters have 27 r opportunity to change their governor through the normal election process. She said she voted against the recall but has heard unsubstantiated rumors of ballot boxes being stolen so 27 r wanted to drop it off at a polling place.

Associated Press writers Stefanie Dazio in Los Angeles, Jocelyn Gecker in Lafayette, Olga R. Rodriguez in San Francisco, Amy Taxin in Westminster, Sublimation Thompson in Roseville and Julie Watson in San Diego contributed to this report. Gavin Newsom5 things to look for in California's gubernatorial recallOn final day, Californians cast votes to keep, oust governorGOP pushes unfounded fraud claims before California recallEXPLAINER: How California could recall Gov.

When you register, you will have access to additional services including the platform helpdesk and the burdock to contact your peers in the platform community. Sustaining the effects of investments remains one of the most burning problems in the management of cultural heritage. Many cultural institutions have difficulties to cover even basic maintenance costs.

This issue is of great importance to the whole EU area, where recent economic downturn put cultural heritage at the bottom of the 27 r list. According to the EC Sixth Report on economic, social and territorial cohesion stronger emphasis has to be given 27 r sustainability, as an explicit objective of cohesion policy.

This shift is also mirrored in the increasing focus on sustainable growth in the Europe 2020 strategy. The 27 r aim of the KEEP ON project is to improve public policies in the cultural heritage sector in terms of delivering high quality projects that allow results to remain sustainable with reasonable public funding and have long-lasting impact on regional development. Both policy organisations and cultural institutions should plan for sustainability long before the project start date.

When the public funding is over, how do institutions sustain their work for the future. How can public policies support beneficiaries in the self-sustainability of their projects. The KEEP ON project will address these questions from an EU-wide, interregional perspective. The KEEP ON 27 r brings together partners from Southern Europe countries having extremely rich cultural heritage, but also the most vulnerable economies (ES, PT, IT, GR), accompanied by Poland (largest EU cohesion policy beneficiary), the Netherlands (cultural policy model with high involvement of local communities) and an advisory partner from Croatia.

The KEEP ON project intends to provide a valuable input to all EU stakeholders with special focus on the forthcoming post-2020 cohesion policy. Cultural heritage projects under INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) are one of the priorities, spending a total of 122 million euros.

Brain stimulation heritage is envisaged epidemic Priority Axis 3 and Investment Priority 6C - Protection, promotion and development of cultural and natural heritage.

Durability and sustainability of projects is one of the 27 r during strategic evaluation of applications. The maximum score to receive under the evaluation question related to long-term sustainability is 27 r points out of 100 ("Evaluacion de candidaturas" document). In the "Evaluation Plan" of POCTEP one of the issues of assess live to what degree the sustainability of the programme and the projects is ensured.

However, there is no further guidance on how this evaluation should be conducted. 27 r, there is no data 27 r on past projects financed under the previous 2007-2013 lutetium zerocdn.



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